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Tyrone Johnson Fitness: “Year of the Swole” Week:10 Highlight video



May 20th,2014


Round 1
Db seated shoulder press 10×10
Db lat raise
Seated barbell front presses till failure

Round 2
Standing shoulder press 10×10
95,105,135,145—felt in adductor,145,
165—leaning back to much, 135,135,135,
Burn out shoulder press 25lbs
Upright row 10×10 10 sec


May 19th,2014


Round 1

Db incline bench press 10×10
Flat db bench press 10×10

Round 2
Incline bench press 10×10
Incline bench press burn out
Incline fly 4×12
Flat bench 10×10
Pec dec 10×10 10 sec break


Tyrone Johnson fitness week 2


That right there^^^ is 335lbs on the incline bench press!! This week, I took training to another level…actually following this particular training session (chest day) I was sooooo worn out, I was physically sick the next morning!! Some not great news happened this week as well….the 2014 season on stage has been side-lined due to financial reasons…bodybuilding is expensive…worth it, but expensive!! So instead of competing I will be fundraising this year—oh the joys haha 😂😂😂 but…I will be posting weekly entires of training highlights!! I’m obviously very disappointed I won’t be competing this year, however I’m VERY excited to take my body to next level…and you get a chance to follow me there. This year the blog will be updates weekly and I’ll talk about what the focus was of the week, major progress and post progress pics each month…I’m very excited to share this experience with you—get to see the life of bodybuilding outside of the on-stage final product. Bodybuilding is a life style, it’s not just dieting for 12 weeks and cardio,what I hope to share with you is what life is like in the trenches! Also I’ll still be answering weekly fitness questions—shoot me a message to my Facebook account: tdennardjohnson. The end result will bring us to March 2015 when I start dieting for Next show!!

The driving focus for this year is Excellence or Failure!!
I’m excited for what we’ll accomplish this year!!

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Start of Tyrone Johnson fitness 2014


1st show ever, Last show of rookie year, last show 2013

It’s crazy, mind-boggling and amazing I am entering my 3rd season of competitive bodybuilding!! It’s been an incredible journey so far!! Year 1 You followed me up to my first dieted down show…I learned how DISCIPLINE!!! Year 2 you followed me to the Road to swole; year 3. Who knows??? But, the focus for training is EXCELLENCE OR FAILURE!! This season follow me weekly for training videos, monthly progress pics, and I’ll be back answering fitness questions—-LOVE DOING THIS!!

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End of 2013 season


So 3 weeks ago I was an idiot! I was showing off at gym; while in contest prep…and hurt my shoulder. The caption to this picture on Instagram says “pain, hurt and frustration” when I took this photo I thought, the team thought it was only a bad sprain. The pain was slowly going away, however time started to pass—1 wk, 2 wks, and then this week I finally gave in and went too the Drs. I have a strained shoulder tendon; the dr says I should be fine in another 3 wks…but saying that also means I have to sit on the bench all the way up till 6 wks out. So unfortunately I’m ending the season short; even though I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to this season, I still learned a ton and made a ton of progress!


The pic on the left is last November and the pic on the right is the past June. If you have been following me on my journey you know it’s not been the easiest ride, but despite: lack of food, school, and being hurt earlier I added 20 lbs to my frame, and placed 3rd in a national qualifier!

This pic is something that really tells the story


Left is my very 1st show ever compared too my last show!

I’m taking the year off to focus on 1. Healing and then two growing larger, 2014 is the year of the swole (YOTS) I’ll be keeping you all updated with daily workout posts and monthly progress pics. Stay tuned

Thanks a ton for all of your support! Your encouragement helps more then you ever realize!

Return of Incredible 9 weeks out

ImageSo it been a couple of weeks since i’ve posted…this summer has been hectic; crazy hectic; never doing again hectic!!! I by the grace of God balanced 5 full time jobs: I did sales at the local gym (Hated this); Full time grad school student, Ministry, Tyrone Johnson Fitness, and of course training for my upcoming show…SYSTEM OVERLOAD. 2 weeks ago; I had the ah ha moment, when I realized I couldnt see my floor any more. This summer was def a learning experience; I can’t be great and do EVERYTHING!  To add insult to injury; 3wks ago the picture above happened…Sprained my shoulder :( it’s still not 100% yet; and its been again 3 wks…if its not healed I have no choice but to drop out of my upcoming show; i’m not competing if I can’t give it 100%

so whats next?

Well God willing my shoulder will be healthy enough to start training again! We added another new nutritionist too the mix—which Im really excited about! If not; I’m going into the major offseason, i’ve gotta get larger! Competing over and over again isnt going to get me there…the next time i’ll be on stage will be Aug 2015 :( thats right 2yrs from now :( but…I’LL BE MASSIVE!!! as always I’ll keep yall updated…much more then I did this summer! 


June 8th battle at the River: introduction to incredible, start of operation huge


Photos from Battle at the River, Chattanooga TN

I took 3rd


I made a lot of progress coming from my show back in November!

Photos on the left are from November-147.3lbs (bantamweight) photos on the right are from Battle at the River 160 (welterweight)

Front double bicep

Most muscular

Lat spread

Shots of my competition heads have been cut off to protect there privacy. I’m in the blue trunks





Muscle wise I dominated my competition! However I’m not as lean as they where. The judges agreed telling me I don’t need much work…just lean out.

So that’s what the game plan is! Get larger and lean out for my next show

The judges criticism of me was that I need to lean out more. I def agree—the devil is in the diet


October 12, stafford TX, Phenom is back on stage competing for a state title and more importantly to become nationally qualified!

The next 8 weeks we are focusing in me getting huge!

Last weeks progress shots. Yeah…I’m a bit larger then I was 2 weeks ago

Even larger then I was at the end of my last bulk…and I’m just starting!!!

184 lbs—The largest I’ve ever been! I’m adding on size till August then we’ll start the process of ripping me up!


I want to thank everyone who has supported me and encouraged me thus far!

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Road to #incredible #precontest


8 months ago I set out on a journey to be #incredible. This offseason was nothing but easy: money, school, injuries, health…but by God’s grace I made it! Put on 30lbs during my 6 weeks of road to Swole. These past 6 weeks on the road to #incredible have been even more challenging…life gets hard on reduced calories. I’ve been hurt: left knee, shoulder, flu,hip, and this week right knee; but by God’s grace I pushed through!

There have been times these past two weeks specifically that I have not wanted to get out of bed; let alone get it in at the Gym…but IM HUNGRY, to accomplish my goal—getting my pro card and getting my place in History as the greatest Mr. Olympia ever! This week life gets harder: reduced calories=reduced energy, less water=less strength, it’s going to be one heck of a week; but I’m HUNGRY, and with God with me and my team around me this Saturday I’ll be incredible; walk away as a National Qualified champ! Bring on the challenges this week, I’m ready! #phenom

This season I’m coming in 25lbs heavier, moved up two weight classes and coming in larger and more ripped then ever before!
Below Are the weekly progress pics leading up to #incredible

Road to #swole March 15-April 25

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 (pre contest)

Week 6 (Incredible) ..check back next week!

Road 2 #incredible: 3 weeks out update


Almost there! Every week leading up has been a challenge…this week may have been the hardest—depleted of energy on Tuesday…but CONQUERED!!!

End of week report 2 weeks out
Weight 167

Energy tanked Tuesday; depleted Thursday—cut workout short

Mood: much more irritable this week.

Short term memory still an issue

Shoulders spaz at random times 4 no reason

If health is still bad I’m going to re-feed Sunday as well…not with fun carbs; but with lots of protein and sushi…trade off is NO added food for the week

Sleeping was a lot Harder this week

Weight 167/8
Bf 5/6
Minus puffyness I think I’m coming in more vascular then ever (hard to measure due to playing with carbs right now)

From comparison pics of last week and this week there’s a major difference in leanness

Strength: still strong but as strong from last week
Energy: horrible…I’m just throwing myself through the motions..hoping this weekend will fix it


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